tuba| spirit

this is lucy. lucy is a beautiful little tuba (tuned in eb), made by willson band instruments switzerland and over 50 years old. although she is very small (88cm high, a bell diameter of 38cm and a weight of 7.2kg) she has a lot of power and punch.

for many years, lucy has been dreaming of her own adventure. for once in her life, she would like to be on a stage as a melody instrument. to get the applause after the concert that her friends, the trumpet and the trombone or the clarinet get all the time.
for one evening, she wants to shine like a star.

 lucy told her friends about her dream. they looked at her helplessly. «you are a tuba, a bass instrument. your job is to make bum-bum.»

«but i want to do more than just bum-bum. i want to play melodies like you do. i can do that, i've been rehearsing for a long time.»

 the trumpet and the trombone looked at each other. they thought that lucy might actually be able to do that. they knew how she could play and how happy people were when they heard her.

 «it's worth a try» said trombone. lucy was overjoyed and immediately told the clarinet, the two guitars, the piano and the drums that she could do a concert as a melody instrument.

 everyone was very happy for lucy. and the clarinet just said «i'll be there at the concert too to help you».

 and so lucy's dream is about to come true.

a suitable place is found, a good date as well.
lucy will play with her owner phil rellstab on 19 october 2024 from 20:00 at jazztreff schaffhausen.
the clarinet (with ernst klos), the two guitars (with daniel beurer and ruedi morgenthaler), the grand piano (together with daniel breitenstein) and the drums (with martin meyer) will be on hand.